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Beautiful pregnant woman in the park

Is Acne a Pregnancy Sign or Symptom?

Many women who have had clear skin all their life and never suffered from acne before have testified about the occurrence of acne breakouts during the early months of their pregnancy. Pregnancy acne is perfectly normal among expectant mothers. It is a natural outcome of the hormonal changes that are taking place within the body. However, one […]

Acne Cosmetica

Acne Cosmetica: What, Why, How, and No More!

What is acne cosmetica? Women with acne prone skin generally tend to apply heavy make up in order to hide breakouts and scars. But, do you know excessive makeup can also lead to acne breakouts on your face? And this is known as acne cosmetica. Many times, you may face acne breakouts on your face […]

Coca Cola

‘Coca-Cola Can Cause Acne’ Is This True?

Billions of kids, teenagers and adults around the world consume Coca-Cola every single day. This carbonated drink comes from an international brand that is recognized in countries that make up 98% of the population of the world. It is but inevitable that acne, a skin condition which affects more than 90% of the world’s population […]

Dry Skin

Acne Treatment Tips For Dry Skin

It is a common belief that people with oily skin are the only ones who have acne problems. However, this is not true. People with dry skin also have breakouts and severe acne problems. Many times people with dry skin may have worse acne problems than those with oily skin. There are different types of acne […]

Natural exfoliants

Natural Exfoliants to Treat Acne

The trials and tribulations associated with stubborn acne are many. From social stigma to lack of confidence, acne can play havoc in a person’s life. One of the effective home remedies for acne is exfoliation. Exfoliation is a very important part of skin care and acne prevention regime. The dead skin cells that form a […]