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swimming pool in summer

Acne Skin Care During Summer

Summer time is indeed a beautiful time of year, but it also brings along problems like oily skin, blackheads, and acne breakouts. But there is a cure for everything. By making a few changes in your skin care routine, you can have a fresh and acne free skin even in summer.Those who are already on […]

Photorejuvenation Therapy

Photorejuvenation Therapy Acne Treatment

Acne breakouts, rosacea, and wrinkles tend to scar your beauty. But there is good news you can now get back your healthy and young looking skin, by opting for the Photorejuvenation therapy. This technology is considered a major breakthrough in acne treatment.Photorejuvenation is an effective cosmetic laser therapy that is designed to treat acne and […]

no makeup look

How to fake the “no makeup look” (and how to make it!)

Welcome to Best acne treatment, your link to the best acne products and beauty supplies. Ever hated the people who don’t wear makeup but still look gorgeous? Well, they are wearing makeup— they’re just using the right beauty products in the right way, so it looks natural. Here’s fake the “no make up look” (and the best beauty […]


Minocycline to Fight Acne Causing Bacteria

Minocycline is an effective antibiotic that works by fighting acne causing bacteria present on the skin and in the pores. It comes under the tetracycline antibiotic category. Minocycline boosts the body’s immune system, protecting you from various types of bacteria. It is a prescription drug, which is used for the treatment of various infections caused as […]